Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank

“If we can’t decide what to do because everything is still evolving, then we miss out on a lot of opportunities,” says Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank.

10 December 2014

IP2SG system enhanced to improve accessibility to IP protection for businesses and creators.

17 December 2014
Wesley Lim of Emerson

The industry is looking towards a level of automation and control that will enable the data centre to operate unmanned, says Emerson in its Data Centre 2025 report.

16 December 2014
Veeam survey

According to Veeam survey, application failure costs enterprises more than US$2 million a year.

14 December 2014
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director of 1-Net Singapore on the key factors to consider when deciding on the choice of data centres.


Pavel Ershov of Parallels

Move over, hypervisors. Containers will shake things up as the next wave of web-scale technology,...

10 December 2014
Behavioural profiling

Behavioural profiling will be a major objective in 2015, but organisations will have to figure out...

8 December 2014
Jeffrey Davis of IO

Modular data centres are the way to go for organisations that require high performance computing...

4 December 2014

Singapore finance leaders say motivation is more important than technology adoption in raising...

1 December 2014
Availability vs power efficiency

Led by customers, the data centre industry has been worshipping uptime above pretty much everything...

1 December 2014
Flying blind

Hampered by the lack of in-house expertise, many organisations find themselves grappling with...

25 November 2014
Sumit Bansal of Sophos

In this era of mobility and BYOD, organisations should tap on cloud-based security to achieve balance...

20 November 2014

Having a continual improvement culture allows organisations to learn from past mistakes, says Ernst...

16 November 2014
Sixty-second Insight

Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera talks about the key areas that service providers should look at when...

16 November 2014
Shaun Han of Oracle

Cloud applications have the power to improve business performance and reduce costs, but only if they...

15 November 2014

NEC launches new cloud service aimed at car manufacturers and dealerships expanding throughout...

14 November 2014
Eileen Yu

Instead of building a buffet table of data, think about whether you're biting off more data than you...

11 November 2014