Streaming sticks, drones and smart home products top list of devices that can compromise consumers’ security if left unprotected, says Intel Security.

28 November 2016

The Android malware variant breaches more than one million Google accounts and infects at the rate of 13,000 devices every day, Check Point reveals.

3 December 2016
Building community and capability

A strong Community of Practice will help lay the groundwork for a sustainable source of cybersecurity expertise and solutions for Singapore, says Teo Chin Hock of CSA.

23 November 2016

The Tier IV design-certified facility at the Data Centre Park in Jurong features a five-storey 20,000 sq m purpose-built area with multi-tier design.

23 November 2016
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Alvin Rodrigues, Chief Security Strategist for Asia Pacific, Fortinet shares four steps to help organizations rethink their security strategy.



Chan Chee Chong and Chan Chee Kong of GlobalTix

E-ticketing platform provider GlobalTix sets out to demonstrate how the travel industry can make use...

20 November 2016

IDC says 3rd Platform technologies and Innovation Accelerators can help public sector organisations...

17 November 2016

Why stop at Internet-enabled lights, when the future could be about light-enabled Internet. Singapore...

11 November 2016

Brian Prentice of Gartner says the trick is to figure out what is actually controllable and limit...

30 October 2016
Daren Glenister of Intralinks

As the risk of cyber attacks grows, organisations need to have a comprehensive data security strategy...

29 October 2016

To provide for uniform data protection rights, the key is to adopt an adaptive, user-centric, layered...

27 October 2016
Lim Wei Chieh of Data Privacy Asia

Merging the domains of information security and privacy will help organisations to create a culture...

23 October 2016

The programme aims to enhance regional ability to respond to evolving cyber threat landscape and to...

13 October 2016
Lee Hsien Loong

Strategy brings in the international dimension and strengthens emphasis on CII protection, the...

11 October 2016
Jacqueline Poh of GovTech

“If the Singapore government were to be born as an Internet company, how would we design our services...

7 October 2016
Erel Rosenberg of DFRC

Erel Rosenberg of DFRC highlights the need for a city or nation-wide solution to cybersecurity...

6 October 2016

The company launches first joint Transparency Centre and Cybersecurity Centre to deliver holistic...

5 October 2016