Google Next 2018

At its Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, Google unveils a slew of new products aimed at boosting cloud security and “democratising AI”.

25 July 2018
Sami Zuhuruddin of Google

Sami Zuhuruddin of Google highlights the no-nos during a breakout session on Cloud Forensics 101 at Next 2018.

28 July 2018
Data Protection Trustmark

IMDA and PDPC issue open call for participation to help finalise data protection framework and certification process.

25 July 2018
Google - Valliappa Lakshmanan

"It's not who has the best algorithm who wins; it's who has the most data," says Valliappa Lakshmanan of Google.

24 July 2018


Prof Gordon Bell on "exascale nirvana" and other supercomputing trends

Gordon Bell of supercomputing's Gordon Bell Prize talks to ConvergenceAsia about the "scaling up" and "scaling out" of HPC and its new applications in analytics and data science. Bell was in Singapore recently for Supercomputing Frontiers 2017, where he delivered a keynote on "Three Decades: Motivating and Measuring HPC Progress". 

  • Video by Chan Wai Peng 

Unmanned vehicle

An upsized autonomous vehicle and a facial recognition speed demon are just some of the interesting...

29 May 2018

As chatbots apply AI to understand humans, they could learn to sway our attitudes and orchestrate our...

16 January 2018

IoT malware is no longer just leveraging default or weak passwords, but is also starting to exploit...

12 January 2018
Ed Ansett at DCD Zettastructure

Ed Ansett of i3 Solutions floats the feasibility of a data centre that operates at 35 deg C and runs...

30 September 2017
New technologies are the most disruptive trend for creatives

Adobe's latest Creative Pulse survey finds artificial intelligence is feared by designers and...

23 August 2017
Cybersecurity groundhog day

Lessons from the past could help us avoid cybersecurity groundhog day, says Diana Kelley of IBM.

10 August 2017
Lennie Tan of One Identity

Lennie Tan of One Identity discusses how organisations can address security issues across the entire...

21 June 2017
Cybercriminals target Apple

Apple devices are becoming attractive targets for cyber attackers due to their fast growing...

20 June 2017
38% of professionals in Singapore use unapproved personal devices for work purposes

A digital workplace study by VMware shows that many working professionals ignore standard safety...

26 May 2017
It may take just 24 hours for a hacker to successfully break into a system

A survey of hackers and white hats maps out how a typical cyber attack is carried out.

26 May 2017

Survey reveals 86% of organisations worldwide are concerned that a failure to adhere to the upcoming...

30 April 2017
3D printing is one of the technologies used at DCC.

The learning factory, which uses an IoT technology platform from PTC, will help attendees learn how...

29 April 2017