Donny Chong of Nexusguard

Attacks could disguise more serious crimes such as theft of customer data or cyber heists, says Nexusguard white paper.

2 June 2015
Chia Wee Boon of NCS

With new players poised to disrupt traditional business models, enterprises are beginning to realise the urgent need to transform themselves in order to remain competitive.

27 May 2015

Virtualisation is making its mark on the data centre landscape, especially in Singapore with its position as a data centre hub.

21 May 2015

The Agent Performance Insights report generates individual performance benchmark and provides fact-based recommendation on how agents can become more effective.

14 May 2015
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Dr Clifton Phua, Associate Director, Smart and Safe Cities Centre of Excellence, NCS,  on the benefits of predictive policing technologies at INTERPOL World 2015.



Programme aims to boost the competitiveness of the data centre industry by raising its overall energy...

12 May 2015

Enhanced data centre corridor allows customers to enjoy high-speed network to cross connect to...

8 May 2015
Simon Davies of Salesforce

Analytics plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to be smart about data in order to drive the...

27 April 2015
Jack Jia of EY

Visualisation tools enable investigators to spot outliers very quickly and weed out false positives,...

25 April 2015

Events that pose the greatest harm can be found and prioritised with greater accuracy, says Gartner...

25 April 2015

A resilient cyber security strategy must be holistic and address different stages of an attack,...

17 April 2015
Interpol World 2015

Public agencies have to provide R&D people with access to real data so that the solutions that...

17 April 2015

If developers are able to create IOT services just like they do for Apple App Store - and generate...

14 April 2015
Intelligent V2X system

The system will be able to collect and analyse data over a distance of up to two kilometres for fully...

12 April 2015
Tay Bee Kheng of HP

The lack of common connectivity standards in the industry is hindering data collection and...

9 April 2015

Its new capabilities aim to keep people engaged with their analysis rather than to focus on writing...

8 April 2015
Data analytics

Every analytics initiative is down to asking the right questions and knowing what kind of issues you...

7 April 2015