22 August 2014

Panel Discussion at Energy TechRoadmap

The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap sets out a framework to improve energy efficiency by up to 85 per cent.

8 August 2014
Mobile security

IDC notes that there is less focus on comprehensive solutions that secure the device, applications and data.

19 August 2014
Cloud services brokerage

The CloudSelect platform will offer over 200 fully-automated cloud services that enable enterprises to offer “Anything as a Service”.

19 August 2014
Sixty-second Insight

Ken Chew of Ericsson on why small and medium-sized enterprises should not fear embracing the mobile cloud.

19 August 2014
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Ken Chew of Ericsson on why small and medium-sized enterprises should not fear embracing the mobile cloud.


Bryce Boland

FireEye report identifies South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan as major hotspots for APT activity...

12 August 2014
David Chartier

CodeVerify is tailored for manufacturers of critical systems such as industrial control systems and...

8 August 2014
Eileen Yu

It's been said that once something is on the internet, it's there forever and can be retrieved...

6 August 2014
SMRT telematics system

SMRT deploys telematics system with eco-drive sensors to monitor and analyse driving behaviour.

5 August 2014

Accenture’s Anika Grant describes work trends in the digital enterprise and how they will impact the...

1 August 2014
Vinny Vijeyakumaar

20 fresh graduates to be trained in data analytics under Google’s Squared Data Programme.

31 July 2014
Data centre

Check Point augments its data centre network security portfolio with the launch of two new security...

29 July 2014
Sixty-second Insight

Stephanie Boo of FireEye Singapore talks about the three areas that companies should look out for...

28 July 2014
Patrick Flynn of IO

Big data analytics provides IO and its customers with insights that enable them to streamline data...

24 July 2014
Chuan Wei Hoo of BT Advise Assure

Poor visibility and limited availability of cyber intelligence remains a major stumbling block in...

23 July 2014

Organisations are overwhelmed by the increasing security complexities in detecting and resolving...

23 July 2014
Keith Murray of Schneider Electric

New Asset Connect portfolio offers operations and management of the physical assets of critical...

21 July 2014