Alex Ling

The ability to encode information and compute at atomic or sub-atomic levels is presenting new challenges, and potentially new solutions, in the area of encryption.

16 February 2017
Banks and fintech

Despite significant cultural differences, fintech and traditional banks will inevitably come together.

14 February 2017

The next industrial revolution could lead to the emergence of four dramatically different economic models.

13 February 2017
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Alvin Rodrigues, Chief Security Strategist for Asia Pacific, Fortinet shares four steps to help organizations rethink their security strategy.



Vinton Cerf

Internet pioneer Dr Vincent Cerf lays bare some of the challenges involved in “Preparing for the...

31 January 2017
Smart homes

By 2030, Asia will overtake the US and Europe to account for 30 per cent of the global share of the...

28 January 2017

Accenture survey reveals one in four cyberattacks in Singapore result in a security breach, yet most...

22 January 2017
Clement Goh of Equinix

Clement Goh of Equinix Asia South discusses the key technology trends that will shape the digital...

16 January 2017
NUS, EZ-Link and Alibaba Cloud MOU ceremony

As part of a newly-inked MOU, NUS, EZ-Link and Alibaba Cloud will embark on a pilot data analytics...

16 January 2017
Personal data protection

Yeong Zee Kin sheds light on the PDPC’s approach to personal data protection and how it deals with “...

26 December 2016

This new technology uses face feature point detection technology to accurately identify...

25 December 2016

McAfee Labs examines current trends in cybercrime and makes predictions about what the future may...

10 December 2016

The Android malware variant breaches more than one million Google accounts and infects at the rate of...

3 December 2016

Streaming sticks, drones and smart home products top list of devices that can compromise consumers’...

28 November 2016
Building community and capability

A strong Community of Practice will help lay the groundwork for a sustainable source of cybersecurity...

23 November 2016

The Tier IV design-certified facility at the Data Centre Park in Jurong features a five-storey 20,000...

23 November 2016