With healthy take-up of the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security standard amongst IaaS providers, the next step is to get SaaS independent software vendors on board.

9 June 2015

The courses are designed to bridge the gaps of IT and facilities, define cloud in terms of both its physical and virtual aspects and expose participants to key components of the data centre.

29 June 2015

The tailor-made offers are the first to combine the power of the cloud with an outcome-based approach for customer success, says ALE.

29 June 2015

Gartner says smarter machines are making increasingly significant business decisions over which humans have decreasing control.

14 June 2015
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Martin Skagen, Chief Architect of Brocade,  sharing his thoughts on the transition that the networking industry is undergoing.



Companies to launch unique incident response, compromise assessment and advanced threat management...

12 June 2015
Digital Realty

S$200-million facility will address growing demand for data centre infrastructure and interconnection...

8 June 2015
Telin Data Centre

New facility will be the first to be built at the Data Centre Park in Jurong.

5 June 2015
Ankit Khandelwal of Fico

Adaptive, self-calibrating and self-organising models will enable smart machines to augment human...

4 June 2015
Donny Chong of Nexusguard

Attacks could disguise more serious crimes such as theft of customer data or cyber heists, says...

2 June 2015
Chia Wee Boon of NCS

With new players poised to disrupt traditional business models, enterprises are beginning to realise...

27 May 2015

Virtualisation is making its mark on the data centre landscape, especially in Singapore with its...

21 May 2015

The Agent Performance Insights report generates individual performance benchmark and provides fact-...

14 May 2015

Programme aims to boost the competitiveness of the data centre industry by raising its overall energy...

12 May 2015

Enhanced data centre corridor allows customers to enjoy high-speed network to cross connect to...

8 May 2015
Simon Davies of Salesforce

Analytics plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to be smart about data in order to drive the...

27 April 2015
Jack Jia of EY

Visualisation tools enable investigators to spot outliers very quickly and weed out false positives,...

25 April 2015