DCD 2016

Koh Hong Eng of Huawei

Huawei positions its integrated communications platform as a bridge between legacy and new data/video-ready public safety communications systems.

20 August 2016
Michael Bishop of Commvault

Michael Bishop of Commvault discusses how personal data can be better protected in the age of Pokémon Go.

18 August 2016

The Data Danger Zones report ranks Singapore as the safest Asian nation with a risk score of 1.9%.

15 August 2016
Bruce Schneier

Security technologist Bruce Schneier discusses the implications of availability and integrity attacks as more things get connected to the world-sized web.

2 August 2016
Sixty-second Insight on the ConvergenceAsia channel

Marcus Lim, Director, Education, Asia Pacific, Cisco, on how digital technologies have to potential to transform the education sector.



Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric

Reliability and energy efficiency need not be mutually exclusive in the UPS world, says Pankaj Sharma...

28 July 2016

The Treasury and Markets business and its handling of short-term surges in trading volumes will be...

27 July 2016
Stanimira Koleva of Software AG

Digital transformation has been one of the biggest trends across the globe in 2015 and Asia is set to...

25 July 2016

IDA and Microsoft to embark on a new computing POC that builds conversational intelligence into...

13 July 2016

The aim is to create an open interface platform that integrates factory automation and information...

2 July 2016

Security and risk leaders need to fully engage with latest tech trends to define, achieve and...

26 June 2016
Oliver Prevrhal of Retarus Asia

Decades-old mode of asynchronous interaction could become a one-stop solution for office management,...

22 June 2016
Bernard Segarra of AT Internet

Bernard Segarra of AT Internet discusses the growing trend towards self-service analytics and the...

22 June 2016
Tony Jarvis of Check Point

Vendors need to partner customers in formulating long-term security strategies, says Tony Jarvis of...

13 June 2016
Pang Yee Beng of Dell

Pang Yee Beng of Dell Asia Pacific suggests five ways channel partners can deliver better value to...

13 June 2016

The new Digital Loyang Way data centre is expected to deliver power usage effectiveness targets, as...

13 June 2016

The TDC seeks to drive innovation and explore new green data centre technologies as part of Singapore...

2 June 2016