Gregg Berkeley of Intel

IoT applications will need to go beyond pure monitoring and into analytics and control if the Internet of Things is to truly fulfill its promise, says Gregg Berkeley of Intel.

29 September 2014
Data myths

Research firm believes the data warehouse will continue to play an important role in big data analytics, and that enterprises will still need to spend effort on data integration.

30 September 2014
Best Tech Company to Work For

New SCS award seeks to inculcate a strong people culture and advocate professional and career development.

29 September 2014

The release of GemFire 8 is positioned as a significant advance in Pivotal’s ability to process high-velocity data at scale.

26 September 2014

Singapore DataCenter Week 2014

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NEC-EDB partnership on cybersecurity

Training programmes will equip qualified cybersecurity professionals and graduates with more in-depth...

24 September 2014
Andrew Lerner of Gartner

Andrew Lerner of Gartner outlines an incremental, pragmatic and strategic roadmap to help...

24 September 2014
Vinay Rathore and Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera

Service providers at the cusp of embracing superfast optical technology to link up their data centres...

23 September 2014
Optical networks

In future, SDN can be applied on optical equipment to yield a powerful way to optimise performance...

23 September 2014
Sixty-second Insight

Keith Murray, Vice President of Schneider Electric's IT Business in Singapore & Brunei, shares...

22 September 2014
Andrew Goodwin of Datacom

Leaner budgets and the call for ongoing service improvements are driving governments to the cloud,...

22 September 2014
Data mining professionals

Country faces a shortage of data analytics professionals amidst strong business demand for data...

20 September 2014
Gerhard Eschelbeck of Sophos

Sophos chief technology officer Gerhard Eschelback discusses Project Galileo and the company’s plans...

19 September 2014
Opening of Acronis IHQ

Company expects more than 50 per cent of its revenue to come from Asia within the next five years....

18 September 2014
Nick Parfitt of DCD Intelligence

Nick Parfitt of DCD Intelligence discusses the factors to consider when planning to invest in modular...

16 September 2014
Intel's new Xeon E5 chip

Chipmaker says its Xeon E5 v3 processors will be a boon to software-defined infrastructures.

16 September 2014
Lau Shih Hor of Elixir Tech

The time is ripe for the creation of data marketplaces that will help businesses connect the dots and...

16 September 2014