Halvar Flake at BlackHat Asia 2017

Cyber insurance has the potential to upend an enterprise buyer-IT vendor relationship which is currently heavily weighted in favour of the latter, says Google’s Halvar Flake.

16 April 2017
Peter Ho of NSCC

The National Supercomputing Centre is expected to train its compute power on growth areas such as big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

16 March 2017
Mark Bidinger of Schneider Electric

Decentralised hybrid computing ecosystems are back in vogue as performance and regulatory considerations bring data centre action to the edge.

14 March 2017

Compared with their counterparts in the region, more IT professionals here feel that cybersecurity has become more complex.

11 March 2017


Prof Gordon Bell on "exascale nirvana" and other supercomputing trends

Gordon Bell of supercomputing's Gordon Bell Prize talks to ConvergenceAsia about the "scaling up" and "scaling out" of HPC and its new applications in analytics and data science. Bell was in Singapore recently for Supercomputing Frontiers 2017, where he delivered a keynote on "Three Decades: Motivating and Measuring HPC Progress". 

  • Video by Chan Wai Peng 

FSI cybersecurity

Fortinet issues top five cybersecurity predictions for the financial services industry as attacks...

10 March 2017

According to Trend Micro’s security roundup report, there was a 752% increase in new ransomware...

10 March 2017

More than 20 officials from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission and Cyber Security...

9 March 2017
Alex Ling

The ability to encode information and compute at atomic or sub-atomic levels is presenting new...

16 February 2017
Banks and fintech

Despite significant cultural differences, fintech and traditional banks will inevitably come together...

14 February 2017

The next industrial revolution could lead to the emergence of four dramatically different economic...

13 February 2017
Vinton Cerf

Internet pioneer Dr Vincent Cerf lays bare some of the challenges involved in “Preparing for the...

31 January 2017
Smart homes

By 2030, Asia will overtake the US and Europe to account for 30 per cent of the global share of the...

28 January 2017

Accenture survey reveals one in four cyberattacks in Singapore result in a security breach, yet most...

22 January 2017
Clement Goh of Equinix

Clement Goh of Equinix Asia South discusses the key technology trends that will shape the digital...

16 January 2017
NUS, EZ-Link and Alibaba Cloud MOU ceremony

As part of a newly-inked MOU, NUS, EZ-Link and Alibaba Cloud will embark on a pilot data analytics...

16 January 2017