ConvergenceAsia is an online media outlet that publishes the latest news and analysis with a single-minded focus on simplifying today’s increasingly complex data ecosystem for the data community.

Established as a news portal in 2006, ConvergenceAsia was relaunched in 2014 to tap the digital channels consumed by today’s data professionals, enabling us to stay close and relevant to the data community by bringing together the thoughts and opinions of the community through both online and real-life conversations.

ConvergenceAsia focuses on the following key areas of the data ecosystem:

  • Data centre facilities: These are the backbone of the data ecosystem, tuned to provide the right environmental conditions for housing data.

  • Data centre IT infrastructure: This comprises the IT systems that secure, process, store and transport data across the ecosystem.

  • Data centre services: These includes services such as cloud computing, managed services and collocation which continue to gain traction as businesses make a push for greater efficiency and agility.

  • Data touch points: The Internet of Everything will feed enormous volumes of data into the ecosystem, leading to new challenges in the way data is managed.

  • Data analytics: This is where the data impacts the business. In today’s data-driven economy, the businesses that succeed are those that can transform this data into timely, actionable insights.

Across these areas, we will also discuss issues and challenges that IT managers face as they try to address dynamic business requirements whilst grappling with manpower issues and the need to manage existing and emerging technologies.

We will cover best practices, as well as training and development roadmaps to help IT and data specialists move forward in their careers. 

We are focused on connecting with members of the data community as the sharing of knowledge and experiences is what will drive a better understanding of the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead, and accelerate the development of the industry.

Driving this conversation with the community is the expanded team behind ConvergenceAsia which now includes a cast of seasoned technology veterans who have covered the dotcom boom and bust. 

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