Dedric Lam of DCD

Enterprises may still be putting money into facility equipment and solutions, and into IT upgrades and systems, but colocation and outsourcing is where data centre investments are really taking off.

Andrew Stevens of CNet Training

The growing skills gap is an issue in a region which still believes in obtaining highly-sought skills at the cheapest price, says Andrew Stevens of CNet Training.


Fluke Networks introduces new cloud-based cable certification tool aimed at facilitating project management and reducing the manual costs associated with testing.

Data centre

DatacenterDynamics Intelligence gives a sneak peak into its latest survey findings ahead of Data Centre Week which will take place from 13-17 October 2014.

Best Tech Company to Work For

New SCS award seeks to inculcate a strong people culture and advocate professional and career development.


The release of GemFire 8 is positioned as a significant advance in Pivotal’s ability to process high-velocity data at scale.

NEC-EDB partnership on cybersecurity

Training programmes will equip qualified cybersecurity professionals and graduates with more in-depth capabilities and skills.

Opening of Acronis IHQ

Company expects more than 50 per cent of its revenue to come from Asia within the next five years.

Roy Adar of CyberArk

New threat analytics helps identify anomalies in the behaviour patterns of individual privileged users and systems in real-time.

Lilac Schoenbeck of iLand

The iland Cloud app gives customers full access to the features and functionalities of its enhanced Enterprise Cloud Service portal.


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