Lennie Tan of One Identity

Lennie Tan of One Identity discusses how organisations can address security issues across the entire hybrid cloud platform.

Clement Goh of Equinix

Clement Goh of Equinix Asia South discusses the key technology trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2017.

Daren Glenister of Intralinks

As the risk of cyber attacks grows, organisations need to have a comprehensive data security strategy supported by the right tools and culture, says Daren Glenister of Intralinks.

Lim Wei Chieh of Data Privacy Asia

Merging the domains of information security and privacy will help organisations to create a culture of trust and assurance around data, says Lim Wei Chieh of Data Privacy Asia.

Kane Lightowler, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, Carbon Black provides tips on the latest strategies to protect your organization from cybercrimes.

Cecily Ng of Salesforce

Cecily Ng of Salesforce on the how cloud-based mobile technology is set to revolutionarise many aspects of businesses and daily life.

Micro-segmentation of the WAN is what will really enforce new levels of security and make an SD-WAN with broadband viable, says John Vincenzo of Silver Peak.

Michael Bishop of Commvault

Michael Bishop of Commvault discusses how personal data can be better protected in the age of Pokémon Go.

Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric

Reliability and energy efficiency need not be mutually exclusive in the UPS world, says Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric.

Stanimira Koleva of Software AG

Digital transformation has been one of the biggest trends across the globe in 2015 and Asia is set to be on the forefront of this digital wave in 2016. With 8.6 billion connected devices and a robust digital infrastructure, most countries in Asia are on their way to implementing digital initiatives that make the most of the opportunities arising from digital transformation.


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