IP2SG system enhanced to improve accessibility to IP protection for businesses and creators.

Data centre market disruption

Highly-disruptive competition, big cloud provider dominance, economic warfare and nationalism will force changes by end-2016.

Data centre

The facility is one of four new data centres it has set up in Asia and Europe set up to address customers’ data privacy and security concerns.

Cloud services brokerage

The CloudSelect platform will offer over 200 fully-automated cloud services that enable enterprises to offer “Anything as a Service”.

Cloud generic

New enterprise-grade capabilities include new data services, dual availability zones, and doubling the number of application build packs for developers.

CK Lam, Brocade

The move represents the first phase of a multiyear strategy to develop an open networking environment for cloud and telecom service providers.

Keith Brown, CIO, Fusion-io

System provides shared storage environment that adds flash performance tier for the SAP in-memory platform.

Michael Xie, founder, CTO and president of Fortinet

Support for VPN access to Microsoft Azure Virtual Network service allows organisations to create secure VPN tunnels linking on-premise networks and cloud environments.


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