Vinton Cerf

Internet pioneer Dr Vincent Cerf lays bare some of the challenges involved in “Preparing for the Internet of Things”.

Building community and capability

A strong Community of Practice will help lay the groundwork for a sustainable source of cybersecurity expertise and solutions for Singapore, says Teo Chin Hock of CSA.

Chan Chee Chong and Chan Chee Kong of GlobalTix

E-ticketing platform provider GlobalTix sets out to demonstrate how the travel industry can make use of insights from data to deliver customised experiences at optimised prices.


Why stop at Internet-enabled lights, when the future could be about light-enabled Internet. Singapore’s IMDA is pushing for technical trials of Light Fidelity technology or Li-Fi which uses visible light for data transmission.

Lee Hsien Loong

Strategy brings in the international dimension and strengthens emphasis on CII protection, the creation of a safer cyberspace and capability building.

Jacqueline Poh of GovTech

“If the Singapore government were to be born as an Internet company, how would we design our services?” asks Jacqueline Poh of the new Government Technology Agency.

Erel Rosenberg of DFRC

Erel Rosenberg of DFRC highlights the need for a city or nation-wide solution to cybersecurity challenges in the IOT world.

Ben Goertzel

The line between humans and machines will get blurred as machines learn based on their interactions with people and come to understand the world as richly as people do, says Ben Goertzel of Hanson Robotics.

Yuval Bachar of LinkedIn

From 16 servers to 100,000 – that is the range of environments that LinkedIn is aiming to cover with the Open19 initiative.


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