MTCS and healthcare

Mapping of the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Singapore Standard (SS584) to healthcare systems and applications provides greater clarity on how cloud computing can be used in the sector.

There have been many attempts to understand, redefine or reframe the CIO’s role in this era of digital disruption. The latest BT CIO Report 2016 only serves to highlight the contradictions involved.

Foo Siang Tse of Quan

Quann, the cybersecurity services provider formerly known as e-Cop, is expanding into the OT security space as it looks to quadruple its business over the next four years.

ACCA report on cybersecurity

An appeal to business self-interest and broad guidance aimed at ensuring outcomes will offer the required flexibility to tackle cybercrime, says ACCA report.

Tony Chew of Citibank

Tony Chew of Citibank gives his verdict on the current state of banking apps in Asia and predicts that biometrics, especially face and voice recognition, will be the way forward.

Dr Tan Guan Hong of I2R

With global players dominating the infrastructure layer, local tech companies will have to make their play in the application services space.

Doug Cutting of Cloudera

As more and more data is being collected, the industry has a responsibility to build systems that people trust, says Doug Cutting of Cloudera.

Strata + Hadoop World 2015

Dr Vivian Balakrishnan talks about Singapore’s “obsession” and the role of data in the reengineering of government processes.

Kevin Lee of GrabTaxi

Speakers at Strata + Hadoop World 2015 discuss machine learning and how it can be transformed into solutions that create business impact.

Cloud transformation

Cloud-driven IT transformation has the potential to deliver huge rewards, but success hinges on meticulous planning and a sound reference architecture, says Ronald Raffensperger of Huawei.


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