Gavin OReilly of UBS

Data centre infrastructure management software can help break down silos and facilitate conversations, says Gavin O’Reilly.


At the WTA Finals that is currently taking place in Singapore, tennis is pairing up with tablets to take the women’s game to the next level.

Death by Internet

Over-reliance on the Internet leaves us vulnerable to a digital Armageddon. Maybe we should just replace it, says Herbert Canfield.

Ed Ansett of i3 Solutions Group

How did a faulty pneumatic seal bring down a data centre carrying a third of the world’s Internet traffic? Ed Ansett reconstructs some recent data centre failures and the lessons to be learnt.

Panel discussion at Data Centre Week

A lot more flexibility, a lot more focus on value-added services, an Expedia for the cloud – as the data centre industry evolves, customers' needs are re-shaping its services portfolio.

Accenture Internet of Things Centre of Excellence for Resources

The new Accenture Internet of Things Centre of Excellence for Resources draws on cross-industry inspiration to drive digital transformation.

Sanjay Sainani of Huawei

Sanjay Sainani of Huawei discusses how the different management layers in a data centre can be connected to deliver the next revolution in data centre design.

Ricky Cooper of Digital Realty

With SLAs now a big part of data centre discussions, DC operators need to have a better understanding of their customers' global portfolio.

Internet of Identities

Objects in the IoT world will have to be assigned identities and access rights if we are to make progress in the security conversation.

Simon Piff of IDC

Data centres need to deliver the goods in this age of speed and instant gratification. What’s stopping them?


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