Analytics and half sizes

While all organisations have some type of business intelligence or analytics tool, why are some getting more value from the tools than others?

Donny Chong of Nexusguard

Attacks could disguise more serious crimes such as theft of customer data or cyber heists, says Nexusguard white paper.

Chia Wee Boon of NCS

With new players poised to disrupt traditional business models, enterprises are beginning to realise the urgent need to transform themselves in order to remain competitive.

Virtualisation is making its mark on the data centre landscape, especially in Singapore with its position as a data centre hub.

Jack Jia of EY

Visualisation tools enable investigators to spot outliers very quickly and weed out false positives, says Jack Jia of EY. “Resources are limited. When we go out and investigate, we need to focus.”

Interpol World 2015

Public agencies have to provide R&D people with access to real data so that the solutions that are developed will meet the mark. Excerpts from Interpol World panel discussion.


If developers are able to create IOT services just like they do for Apple App Store - and generate revenues from this - then the platform becomes the industry.

Data analytics

Every analytics initiative is down to asking the right questions and knowing what kind of issues you want to solve, says Zaqy Mohamad of EY.

cloud business case

Cloud today is not a binary question of to-do or not-to-do, but a matter of identifying the right applications for the cloud and matching them to the right deployment options.

Data centre insights3

The country is gunning to be a top data centre destination with an arsenal of incentives and a new 13-hectare Data Centre Park.


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