Data centre insights2

The two technologies are being touted as the way forward as the industry seeks out more energy-efficient data centre designs and better ways to manage energy consumption.

Data centre insights1

With a hot and humid climate year round and customers not willing to take a chance with higher operating temperatures, energy efficiency continues to be a challenge.

Martin Manniche of Greenwave

Martin Manniche of Greenwave discusses these issues as the company opens its new IoT Solutions Centre in Singapore.

Dr Low Lee Yong of MHC Asia Group

Dr Low Lee Yong of MHC Asia Group covers hair lice, hypertension and healthcare-related fraud in a talk about how analytics can help re-establish trust in the sector.

Intel IOT

Intel pilot highlights how these technologies can help improve component uptime and minimise classification errors.


Logicalis study also reveals a shift in recruitment focus from technology management to business service delivery.

Ryan Koh of Protiviti

“It is important to identify what is sensitive, what it is that organisations need to protect, and not spend money trying to protect everything,” says Ryan Koh of Protiviti.

Wesley Lim of Emerson

The industry is looking towards a level of automation and control that will enable the data centre to operate unmanned, says Emerson in its Data Centre 2025 report.

Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank

“If we can’t decide what to do because everything is still evolving, then we miss out on a lot of opportunities,” says Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank.

Behavioural profiling

Behavioural profiling will be a major objective in 2015, but organisations will have to figure out how to do it transparently and still keep their customers’ trust, says IDC.


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