Availability vs power efficiency

Led by customers, the data centre industry has been worshipping uptime above pretty much everything else. Today however, the focus is shifting to “availability at the right cost”.

Flying blind

Hampered by the lack of in-house expertise, many organisations find themselves grappling with unexpected obstacles in their journey to the cloud.


At the recent CloudAsia conference, certification bodies and cloud service providers share their experiences with the world’s first Multi-Tier Cloud Security standard.

Howard Dratler and Olivia Leong

Visa and Kofax team up to offer better visibility in the way companies manage expenses and cash flow.

Three black crows

Watson’s ability to understand cognitive context may be the key to fixing a knowledge transfer process that is broken, says David Gledhill of DBS Bank.

Dr Pantelis Alexopoulos of DSI

Active drives that combine HDD with non-volatile memory and intelligence could eliminate the need for storage servers.

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net discusses the importance of operational sustainability and what the different tiers of data centres really mean to businesses.

Ulf Ewaldsson of Ericsson

Ulf Ewaldsson of Ericsson envisages a 5G world where network slices cater to different requirements, connecting industries whilst optimising the use of spectrum.

Samir Neji of Anaplan

Anaplan plans to deliver analytics on-the-go as it carves out its stake in the enterprise planning space that sits between business data and business intelligence.

Gregg Berkeley of Intel

IoT applications will need to go beyond pure monitoring and into analytics and control if the Internet of Things is to truly fulfill its promise, says Gregg Berkeley of Intel.


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