Gerhard Eschelbeck of Sophos

Sophos chief technology officer Gerhard Eschelback discusses Project Galileo and the company’s plans to deliver “four-dimensional” security.

Lau Shih Hor of Elixir Tech

The time is ripe for the creation of data marketplaces that will help businesses connect the dots and extract maximum ROI from data, says Lau Shih Hor of Elixir Technology.

Praveen Thakur

Businesses should prioritise into bite sizes the problems that can be solved using data, says Praveen Thakur of Oracle.

Password security

Theft of 1.2 billion user credentials signals urgent need to re-examine how passwords and data are being protected.

Bryce Boland

FireEye report identifies South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan as major hotspots for APT activity in the region.

Panel Discussion at Energy TechRoadmap

The Green Data Centre Technology Roadmap sets out a framework to improve energy efficiency by up to 85 per cent.


Accenture’s Anika Grant describes work trends in the digital enterprise and how they will impact the skills landscape.

Patrick Flynn of IO

Big data analytics provides IO and its customers with insights that enable them to streamline data centre operations and increase energy efficiency.

CK Lam of Brocade

While SDN continues to hog the media headlines, it is network functions virtualisation that is delivering the goods.

Ian Whiting of Fusion-io

Flash memory company Fusion-io downplays storage performance and talks up application acceleration.


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