2Gbps fibre broadband now commercially available in Singapore


16 March 2015

Boutique Internet service provider ViewQwest has announced the commercial availability of 2Gbps fibre broadband – the first in the world outside of Japan, and the fastest residential Internet connectivity in Singapore.

According to Vignesa Moorthy, chief executive officer, ViewQwest, the company has developed a plug-and-play methodology that has enabled it to scale from a trial implementation in November 2014 to being able to offer 2Gbps to all consumers in Singapore. The methodology allows the service to be provisioned to customers with different setups, enabling them to make use of routers and devices without having to worry about configurations.

“Consumers are increasingly using their home networks for higher bandwidth activities – from downloading large files to streaming TV shows to even running their own businesses from home. We hear them, we understand how they use the Internet,” said Moorthy.

The new ViewQwest 2Gbps Fibernet broadband bundle is available in single network and multi-network options, at $89.95 and $99.95 per month respectively.