ASEAN businesses are an easy target for cyber-attacks


26 May 2017
38% of professionals in Singapore use unapproved personal devices for work purposes

More than one in three (35%) ASEAN businesses use unapproved personal devices for work while 38% of employees do not comply with their company’s IT policies or know them at all, according to a new VMware Digital Workplace Study. These together with other findings show that ASEAN organisations could be extremely prone to data breaches in general.

Some of the other reasons highlighted in the study conducted by the cloud infrastructure and business mobility provider include:

  • Checking work emails on mobile devices. An estimated 65% of working professionals surveyed subscribe to this behaviour.
  • Accessing work files on mobile devices. The study found this habit to be prevalent amongst four out of 10 respondents across the region.
  • Using unapproved personal devices for work purposes. The percentage ranges from 38% in Singapore and Malaysia to 30% in Thailand.

The findings also underscore the high volume of working professionals who ignore standard safety practices, making it very easy for hackers to gain access to sensitive company information. They include:

  •  Using the same password across multiple devices by 33% of respondents across the region.
  • Saving passwords as notes on mobile devices by 29% of respondents.

"In the digital era, employees, devices, applications and data increasingly live beyond the physical walls of the workplace. As the benefits of digitisation extend across the organisation to include a broader set of employees and endpoints, there is an urgent need to balance consumer preferences with enterprise security,” said Ron Goh, President of VMware in Southeast Asia and Korea.

Unsafe business practices exhibited by working professionals could potentially hinder ASEAN’s competitiveness and growth in the long run.