Jack Jia of EY

Visualisation tools enable investigators to spot outliers very quickly and weed out false positives, says Jack Jia of EY. “Resources are limited. When we go out and investigate, we need to focus.”

Kia Siang Hock of National Library Board

The technology is playing a part in Singapore’s literary future, with the National Library Board using it to forecast demand down to the level of individual book titles at each of its branches.

Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank

“If we can’t decide what to do because everything is still evolving, then we miss out on a lot of opportunities,” says Keith Chan of Philippines Business Bank.

Sunway Group

Malaysian conglomerate turns to on-demand applications to drive best practices and business process transformation across its procurement operations.

Mayda Lim, Head of Implementation & Support, Technology Operations, Thomson Reuters

Mayda Lim of Thomson Reuters shares some insights into the workings of an Incident Control Centre and the roles and processes that are involved in managing a major service outage.

IoT Asia 2014 Conference and Exhibition

Singapore and Santander in the north of Spain are pushing aggressively for the vision of a Smart City. Find out more about their motivations, approaches and experiences.

Reaping the economic benefits of green data centre efforts

The National Library Board shaved S$55,000 off its annual utilities bill through initiatives such as best practices for data centre design, server virtualisation, and improved monitoring.

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