Codenomicon launches new security and robustness verification programme


8 August 2014
David Chartier

Cybersecurity solutions company Codenomicon has launched a new security and robustness verification programme tailored for manufacturers of critical systems to improve product security as a part of their development process. 

The CodeVerify programme is intended to provide security and robustness testing metrics for a wide range of industries, including industrial control systems, medical devices, automotive, networking equipment, software applications, and mobile applications.

David Chartier, chief executive officer of Codenomicon, said as the Internet of Things continues to progress, a higher level of visibility is required to ensure true safety and security. CodeVerify caters to the demands of companies who have been asking for a benchmarking standard so that as they continue with their testing and analysis, they can easily compare their products against the mature, secure and robust standards, he added.

The programme provides manufacturers of critical systems with the capabilities to ensure the security and robustness of their products. The testing expertise is built into the automated tools, enabling them to improve their development processes without straining their resources.

According to Codenomicon, gaining the CodeVerified status also demonstrates a commitment to
security, quality and robustness to customers through independent confirmation that products are secure and robust against external attacks.

The four-step CodeVerify programme involves the use of automated testing tools and a rigorous external review by Codenomicon experts. Steps one and two include extensive scanning of product software and product interfaces, reviewing open source and third-party software and any security and identifying all product interfaces that are open to attacks. In step three, all the protocol implementations in the open interfaces are tested with Codenomicon’s Defensics security testing solutions, which are already used in a number of industries to verify the security and robustness of critical systems. Finally, all test results are sent to Codenomicon for independent assessment and