Darktrace to create tracks in Asia Pacific


21 March 2015

Enterprise immune system technology company Darktrace has set up its regional headquarters in Singapore as a base for building up its presence in Asia. The rapid expansion of the company, which deployed to its first customer barely a year ago, signals a shift in the way cyber security is approached as the market transitions to a new model based on early-stage detection of cyber threats that bypass traditional controls.

Modelled on self-learning human behaviour, Darktrace’s technology seeks to apply human intelligence to cyber defence using advanced machine learning and mathematics developed at the University of Cambridge to analyse the behaviour of every device, user and network within an organisation. According to the company’s web site, the technology “understands” the human traces behind every attack by detecting subtle indicators of compromise and threatening behaviours, even when those behaviours are brand new, complex and constantly changing.

Over the past 12 months, Darktrace has chalked up deployments at 75 companies and relationships with 50 partners across America, United Kingdom, continental Europe and the Middle East. “Our headcount has tripled over the past year and expansion into Asia is a natural next step,” said the company’s chief executive officer Nicole Eagan.

Darktrace’s Asia Pacific managing director Sanjay Aurora said the timing is “just right”, with Singapore announcing the creation of a new ministerial position and central agency dedicated to cyber security. “Cyber security is a global challenge for organizations worldwide and is top-of-mind for boards of directors and chief information security officers in Asia Pacific.”