Gartner predicts that by 2018, 50 per cent of business ethics violations will occur through improper use of big data analytics.

The machine-learning technology enables timely analysis of large-scale datasets of over 50 million records, in just hours, to contribute to broader business uses for big data.

Launch of IBM Smarter Commerce Centre of Competency

IBM announces tie-ups with Singapore’s Economic Development Board and Maritime and Port Authority to develop analytics-based technologies aimed at improving operations and decision-making.

Analytics and half sizes

While all organisations have some type of business intelligence or analytics tool, why are some getting more value from the tools than others?

Ankit Khandelwal of Fico

Adaptive, self-calibrating and self-organising models will enable smart machines to augment human work more effectively, says Ankit Khandelwal of Fico.

The Agent Performance Insights report generates individual performance benchmark and provides fact-based recommendation on how agents can become more effective.

Simon Davies of Salesforce

Analytics plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to be smart about data in order to drive the much-needed productivity leap, says Simon Davies of Salesforce.

Events that pose the greatest harm can be found and prioritised with greater accuracy, says Gartner.

Jack Jia of EY

Visualisation tools enable investigators to spot outliers very quickly and weed out false positives, says Jack Jia of EY. “Resources are limited. When we go out and investigate, we need to focus.”

Interpol World 2015

Public agencies have to provide R&D people with access to real data so that the solutions that are developed will meet the mark. Excerpts from Interpol World panel discussion.


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