If developers are able to create IOT services just like they do for Apple App Store - and generate revenues from this - then the platform becomes the industry.

Intelligent V2X system

The system will be able to collect and analyse data over a distance of up to two kilometres for fully autonomous driving.

Tay Bee Kheng of HP

The lack of common connectivity standards in the industry is hindering data collection and integration and inhibiting wider IoT adoption, says Tay Bee Kheng of HP.

Its new capabilities aim to keep people engaged with their analysis rather than to focus on writing new calculations or cleaning up data.

Data analytics

Every analytics initiative is down to asking the right questions and knowing what kind of issues you want to solve, says Zaqy Mohamad of EY.

School in Karnataka

HP collaboration with an NGO in Karnataka uncovers the link between education resources, facilities and student retention.

Benoit Arson

But simply having access to data is not enough for a company to become “data-driven”. Relying on data must become second nature, says Benoit Arson.


By 2018, half of all business ethics violations in the Asia Pacific will occur through the improper use of big data analytics, says Gartner.

Bus optimisation

Bus optimisation technology from NEC Laboratories determines delays based on data such as location, distance from one bus to another and traffic conditions.

Dr Low Lee Yong of MHC Asia Group

Dr Low Lee Yong of MHC Asia Group covers hair lice, hypertension and healthcare-related fraud in a talk about how analytics can help re-establish trust in the sector.


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