Sixty-second Insight

How do cities go about getting smarter? Dr Peter Williams, Chief Technology Officer of Big Green Innovations at IBM Global, shares some thoughts on the topic.

Keith Brown, CIO, Fusion-io

System provides shared storage environment that adds flash performance tier for the SAP in-memory platform.

Fusion analytics

Research collaboration led by IBM and LTA makes use of data from fare cards, mobile phones and video cameras.

Bangkok Airways

Privately-owned regional airline hopes to achieve this with an integrated suite of business applications running on a single in-memory computing platform.

The latest release includes an adapter that provides out-of-box integration between Oracle Procurement and Spend Analytics and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

Building ecosystems to realise full potential of data

Telco data sets such as CRM data, location-based data or roaming data can be used to create better insights for businesses and their customers.

IoT Asia 2014 Conference and Exhibition

Singapore and Santander in the north of Spain are pushing aggressively for the vision of a Smart City. Find out more about their motivations, approaches and experiences.

Melissa Ries, Vice President and General Manager of Pivotal, Asia Pacific

The suite delivers an array of functionality combined with a subscription-based model that allows customers to leverage the technology they need without traditional licensing constraints.

Tan Ee Sze

The clarion call today seems to be to morph more IT professionals into data scientists in order to meet the worldwide shortfall of expertise in this area. Are we clambering up the wrong tree?


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