Ed Ansett at DCD Zettastructure

Ed Ansett of i3 Solutions floats the feasibility of a data centre that operates at 35 deg C and runs on solid oxide fuel.

Mark Bidinger of Schneider Electric

Decentralised hybrid computing ecosystems are back in vogue as performance and regulatory considerations bring data centre action to the edge.


The Tier IV design-certified facility at the Data Centre Park in Jurong features a five-storey 20,000 sq m purpose-built area with multi-tier design.

The company launches first joint Transparency Centre and Cybersecurity Centre to deliver holistic security solutions to public and private sectors.

The aim is to create an open interface platform that integrates factory automation and information systems.

The new Digital Loyang Way data centre is expected to deliver power usage effectiveness targets, as well as eco-friendly data centre design and practices.

The TDC seeks to drive innovation and explore new green data centre technologies as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive.

1-Net North is targeted at data centre demand from financial institutions, emerging technology and network content companies.

Starhub Cyber Security COE

Its new Cyber Security Centre of Excellence will focus on talent development, innovation and industry partnerships.

The newly-operational facility is said to be the first commercial data centre in Southeast Asia to complete the performance-based infrastructure evaluation.


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