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The two technologies are being touted as the way forward as the industry seeks out more energy-efficient data centre designs and better ways to manage energy consumption.

Data centre insights1

With a hot and humid climate year round and customers not willing to take a chance with higher operating temperatures, energy efficiency continues to be a challenge.

Manufactured and tested off-site as a tightly-integrated facility, it can be deployed faster and at a lower cost than a similar facility using traditional construction practices.

Green Data Centre

This is the first time a colocation data centre has achieved Green Mark Platinum under the category of “Existing Data Centre”.

Jeffrey Davis of IO

Modular data centres are the way to go for organisations that require high performance computing capabilities in a hurry, says Jeffrey Davis of IO.

Availability vs power efficiency

Led by customers, the data centre industry has been worshipping uptime above pretty much everything else. Today however, the focus is shifting to “availability at the right cost”.

Joe Kava of Google

Joe Kava of Google discusses the application of machine-learning models to achieve new breakthroughs in data centre efficiency.

Data Centre

The early view of DCIM which is confined to power and cooling management must be expanded to capture the evolution of the data centre, says James Young of CommScope.

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net

Wong Ka Vin of 1-Net discusses the importance of operational sustainability and what the different tiers of data centres really mean to businesses.

1-Net North

Tie-up with data centre providers in Thailand and Indonesia is aimed at providing a single customer interface across different markets.


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