Fujitsu expands its data centre presence in Singapore


19 March 2015

Fujitsu has announced the establishment of a new data centre in the western part of Singapore, in response to the increasing need for cloud services in Asia. 

Fujitsu’s data centre will be housed in the facilities of Equinix, which builds data centres in countries around the world. The new data centre services, including Fujitsu’s cloud services, will be provided with a variety of value added ICT features. Fujitsu is working to meet the diverse needs of its various customers in Asia by offering new (currently under-development) service features and providing connectivity functions to the cloud environments of other companies. This is in addition to offering cloud services already available.

The establishment of this data centre gives Fujitsu and Fujitsu Asia three data centres in Singapore from which a full range of services are provided. With a global deployment of its service integration platform for the cloud era, the Fujitsu Group hopes to contribute to its customers’ business innovation.

In recent years, companies are increasingly embracing cloud services as a platform to support the accelerating pace of business in Asia. In particular, because of its low level of natural disaster related risk and its position as an international network hub with reliable broadband network lines, Singapore is often chosen as the location for integrated systems operations by many companies that are pursuing multinational business expansion.

Fujitsu expects that cloud services in Asia will only grow in importance, and plans to expand its cloud service platform beyond its current data centres in Singapore and Thailand to the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.