iland launches app help customers monitor and manage cloud resources


11 September 2014
Lilac Schoenbeck of iLand

iland, which delivers enterprise cloud infrastructure services out of its data centres in Singapore, the United States and United Kingdom, has announced enhancements to its Enterprise Cloud Service portal and the launch of a new iland Cloud app which enables customers to monitor and manage cloud resources from anywhere.

The company recently commissioned a global survey which found that 88 per cent of respondents struggled with unexpected cloud challenges. When asked what capabilities they needed to make public cloud more accessible, “better management dashboards” topped the list. The survey was conducted by Enterprise Management Associates and covered some 415 respondents.

“Cloud customers hunger for a simpler, more convenient method for monitoring and managing their public cloud deployments,” said Lilac Schoenbeck, senior vice president of product management and marketing at iland. “Commodity clouds from IT giants and traditional management dashboards simply don’t get the job done.”

iland’s enhanced portal comes as part of its Enterprise Cloud Services. It provides companies with a single interface through which they can easily deploy and scale resources by provisioning a new virtual machine or virtual resource pool from an iland public catalogue or a private catalogue. They can easily modify compute and storage resources assigned to a virtual machine and prevent waste with automated lease timers that shut off resources based on customer-defined thresholds. Customers can also set alerts based on cost and resource consumption to proactively address issues related to budget or resource usage.

The new iland Cloud app gives customers full access to the features and functionalities of the ECS portal, enabling teams to manage the monitor their cloud on-the-go. The app is now available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store on iTunes.