Brian Prentice of Gartner says the trick is to figure out what is actually controllable and limit smart machines to that which can be accurately modelled and managed.

The portal will make use of IoT, data analytics and cloud computing to manage chiller plant efficiency across 30 commercial and institutional buildings.

Gavin OReilly of UBS

Data centre infrastructure management software can help break down silos and facilitate conversations, says Gavin O’Reilly.

SolarWinds has announced that it has added support for MySQL databases to its Database Performance Analyzer 10.0.

Wesley Lim of Emerson

The industry is looking towards a level of automation and control that will enable the data centre to operate unmanned, says Emerson in its Data Centre 2025 report.

Data Centre

The early view of DCIM which is confined to power and cooling management must be expanded to capture the evolution of the data centre, says James Young of CommScope.

Vaughn Stewart of Pure Storage

Vaughn Stewart of Pure Storage discusses the role of software in making flash more affordable and also more reliable at a hardware level.

Lilac Schoenbeck of iLand

The iland Cloud app gives customers full access to the features and functionalities of its enhanced Enterprise Cloud Service portal.


Dell, Emerson, HP and Intel announce the creation of new specification designed to improve scalability and expand data access and analysis.

Oliver Lindner

The modern DCIM tool will no longer be just a facility monitoring instrument but will also have to manage the resource requirements of new emerging services.


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