Streaming sticks, drones and smart home products top list of devices that can compromise consumers’ security if left unprotected, says Intel Security.


The Tier IV design-certified facility at the Data Centre Park in Jurong features a five-storey 20,000 sq m purpose-built area with multi-tier design.

Building community and capability

A strong Community of Practice will help lay the groundwork for a sustainable source of cybersecurity expertise and solutions for Singapore, says Teo Chin Hock of CSA.

IDC says 3rd Platform technologies and Innovation Accelerators can help public sector organisations maintain an integrated smart safe IT environment.


Why stop at Internet-enabled lights, when the future could be about light-enabled Internet. Singapore’s IMDA is pushing for technical trials of Light Fidelity technology or Li-Fi which uses visible light for data transmission.

Brian Prentice of Gartner says the trick is to figure out what is actually controllable and limit smart machines to that which can be accurately modelled and managed.

To provide for uniform data protection rights, the key is to adopt an adaptive, user-centric, layered security model approach around the tenets of prevent, detect, respond and predict.

The programme aims to enhance regional ability to respond to evolving cyber threat landscape and to build a secure and resilient ASEAN cyberspace.

Erel Rosenberg of DFRC

Erel Rosenberg of DFRC highlights the need for a city or nation-wide solution to cybersecurity challenges in the IOT world.

The company launches first joint Transparency Centre and Cybersecurity Centre to deliver holistic security solutions to public and private sectors.


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