Mayda Lim, Head of Implementation & Support, Technology Operations, Thomson Reuters

Mayda Lim of Thomson Reuters shares some insights into the workings of an Incident Control Centre and the roles and processes that are involved in managing a major service outage.

Sixty-second Insight

John Ruthven, Senior Vice President for Cloud and Line of Business, Asia Pacific Japan SAP, talks about community and the cloud.

Tata Communications expands its data centre footprint in the region

Strategic partnerships with Pacific Link Telecom in Malaysia and NEXTDC in Australia will enable it to deliver a uniform customer experience across these geographies.

Melissa Ries, Vice President and General Manager of Pivotal, Asia Pacific

The suite delivers an array of functionality combined with a subscription-based model that allows customers to leverage the technology they need without traditional licensing constraints.

Crocker calls for “creative destruction”

The challenge to build systems that are stronger and more reliable, so that standard methods of use do not lead to security breaches, says Dr Steve Crocker of ICANN.

IoT will transform the data centre

IoT deployments will generate large quantities of data that need to be processed in real time, presenting new security, capacity and analytics challenges for the data centre, says Gartner.

Singapore skyline

According to the IDC Data Centre Index, the factors which put these countries in different spots are energy costs and bandwidth availability.

Reaping the economic benefits of green data centre efforts

The National Library Board shaved S$55,000 off its annual utilities bill through initiatives such as best practices for data centre design, server virtualisation, and improved monitoring.

Tata Comm partners SafeNet to launch cloud-based multi-factor authentication service

The cloud-based delivery model offers an additional security layer that verifies the legitimacy of a transaction and secures access to corporate networks.


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