Yuval Bachar of LinkedIn

From 16 servers to 100,000 – that is the range of environments that LinkedIn is aiming to cover with the Open19 initiative.

Roee Laufer of IAA

Roee Laufer of Israel Airports Authority calls for an ecosystem approach to aviation cybersecurity and the creation of an Aviation CERT to facilitate coordination and collaboration.

The portal will make use of IoT, data analytics and cloud computing to manage chiller plant efficiency across 30 commercial and institutional buildings.

Blockchain cheque digitisation helps to reduce system investments and provide reliable, convenient financial services.

Eduardo Cabrera of Trend Micro

To gain the upper hand in cybersecurity, organisations will need to turn the predator-prey relationship on its head and build cybersecurity programmes that actively look for attacks.

Koh Hong Eng of Huawei

Huawei positions its integrated communications platform as a bridge between legacy and new data/video-ready public safety communications systems.

Bruce Schneier

Security technologist Bruce Schneier discusses the implications of availability and integrity attacks as more things get connected to the world-sized web.

The Treasury and Markets business and its handling of short-term surges in trading volumes will be one of the early AWS use cases for the bank.

IDA and Microsoft to embark on a new computing POC that builds conversational intelligence into public services.


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