Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks

Collaboration between the network and endpoint is crucial for security, says Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks.

Loh Gin Chye, Director, Department of Information and Digital Technology Services, Singapore Polytechnic

The digital transformation will deliver new services to students and lecturers and help save over S$1m a year in energy costs.

Dell IoT Lab

The real value of the IoT transformation is in commercial operations and the business side of things, says Glen Burrows of Dell, at the opening of the company’s IoT lab in APAC.

Marty Young of F5 Networks

When it comes to managing applications today, the span of control is shifting, says Marty Young of F5 Networks.

Data centre predictions

Cybersecurity, cloud and fog computing, and sustainability will lead to the emergence of new data centre archetypes, says a report by Emerson Network Power.

Doug Cutting of Cloudera

As more and more data is being collected, the industry has a responsibility to build systems that people trust, says Doug Cutting of Cloudera.

Heather Levy of Gartner

Build your cloud strategy by planning and assembling ingredients as you would for a fine meal, says Heather Levy of Gartner.

Cloud transformation

Cloud-driven IT transformation has the potential to deliver huge rewards, but success hinges on meticulous planning and a sound reference architecture, says Ronald Raffensperger of Huawei.

Gavin OReilly of UBS

Data centre infrastructure management software can help break down silos and facilitate conversations, says Gavin O’Reilly.

Death by Internet

Over-reliance on the Internet leaves us vulnerable to a digital Armageddon. Maybe we should just replace it, says Herbert Canfield.


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