Pan Jian Wen of CAS and Dr Jian Wang of Alibaba at the launch of the quantum cryptography cloud security solution

Quantum cryptography is said to be immune to eavesdropping, code breaking and man-in-the-middle attacks.

The S$400 million, Tier 3-Plus facility in Jurong is aimed at meeting the growing demand for co-location and cloud services.

Ed Ansett of i3 Solutions Group

How did a faulty pneumatic seal bring down a data centre carrying a third of the world’s Internet traffic? Ed Ansett reconstructs some recent data centre failures and the lessons to be learnt.

Serguei Beloussov of Acronis

The joint collaboration is aimed at protecting companies from future security threats related to advances in decryption techniques and the arrival of quantum computing.

Panel discussion at Data Centre Week

A lot more flexibility, a lot more focus on value-added services, an Expedia for the cloud – as the data centre industry evolves, customers' needs are re-shaping its services portfolio.

New networking portfolio to address growing complexities in campus networking and skyrocketing bandwidth demands in the data centre.

World Hosting Day Asia 2015

Cloud and security were two key areas of focus at the event, which attracted more than 350 hosting partners and resellers from across Asia.

Singapore Data Centre Week 2015 was held from 14 September to 18 September 2015. Featured here are photos from the DataCenterDynamics Converged keynote event.

The FOVI model, developed through Fujitsu’s field trials and knowhow gained in its own production facilities, is intended to support the widespread use of IoT in production facilities.

Sanjay Sainani of Huawei

Sanjay Sainani of Huawei discusses how the different management layers in a data centre can be connected to deliver the next revolution in data centre design.


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