Vinton Cerf

Internet pioneer Dr Vincent Cerf lays bare some of the challenges involved in “Preparing for the Internet of Things”.

Smart homes

By 2030, Asia will overtake the US and Europe to account for 30 per cent of the global share of the smart home market.

Clement Goh of Equinix

Clement Goh of Equinix Asia South discusses the key technology trends that will shape the digital landscape in 2017.

McAfee Labs examines current trends in cybercrime and makes predictions about what the future may hold for organisations working to take advantage of new technologies to both advance their businesses and provide better security protection.

Building community and capability

A strong Community of Practice will help lay the groundwork for a sustainable source of cybersecurity expertise and solutions for Singapore, says Teo Chin Hock of CSA.

Daren Glenister of Intralinks

As the risk of cyber attacks grows, organisations need to have a comprehensive data security strategy supported by the right tools and culture, says Daren Glenister of Intralinks.

Lim Wei Chieh of Data Privacy Asia

Merging the domains of information security and privacy will help organisations to create a culture of trust and assurance around data, says Lim Wei Chieh of Data Privacy Asia.

Ben Goertzel

The line between humans and machines will get blurred as machines learn based on their interactions with people and come to understand the world as richly as people do, says Ben Goertzel of Hanson Robotics.

Cecily Ng of Salesforce

Cecily Ng of Salesforce on the how cloud-based mobile technology is set to revolutionarise many aspects of businesses and daily life.


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