Richard Soley of Industrial Internet Consortium

To propel the Industrial Internet of Things forward, more work needs to be done on interoperability requirements, says Richard Soley of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

Tony Chew of Citibank

Tony Chew of Citibank gives his verdict on the current state of banking apps in Asia and predicts that biometrics, especially face and voice recognition, will be the way forward.

Dr Tan Guan Hong of I2R

With global players dominating the infrastructure layer, local tech companies will have to make their play in the application services space.

Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks

Collaboration between the network and endpoint is crucial for security, says Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks.

Wong Heng Chew of Fujitsu Singapore

As businesses become more and more digitalised, the need for organisations to be equipped with the right IT infrastructure and solutions is greater now more than ever, says Wong Heng Chew of Fujitsu Singapore.

Marty Young of F5 Networks

When it comes to managing applications today, the span of control is shifting, says Marty Young of F5 Networks.

2016 Trends in Security

With IDC predicting that data breaches and cyber crime will cost the economy US$650 billion this year, we take a closer look at security trends in 2016.

2016 Predictions

With more data expected to move across networks and into the cloud, we take a closer look at trends that industry players are predicting will dominate the conversation in networking in 2016.

Heather Levy of Gartner

Build your cloud strategy by planning and assembling ingredients as you would for a fine meal, says Heather Levy of Gartner.

FireEye report says entertainment, media and hospitality industries are most targeted; government is next.


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