Shawn DuBravac of CEA

The question now is whether IoT makes a difference in the physical world, says Shawn DuBravac of CEA.

Gartner says smarter machines are making increasingly significant business decisions over which humans have decreasing control.

Ankit Khandelwal of Fico

Adaptive, self-calibrating and self-organising models will enable smart machines to augment human work more effectively, says Ankit Khandelwal of Fico.

Chia Wee Boon of NCS

With new players poised to disrupt traditional business models, enterprises are beginning to realise the urgent need to transform themselves in order to remain competitive.

Simon Davies of Salesforce

Analytics plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to be smart about data in order to drive the much-needed productivity leap, says Simon Davies of Salesforce.

Tay Bee Kheng of HP

The lack of common connectivity standards in the industry is hindering data collection and integration and inhibiting wider IoT adoption, says Tay Bee Kheng of HP.

CK Lam of Brocade

Businesses that embrace network transformation will find that they can respond to competition and their customers’ needs a lot faster, says CK Lam of Brocade.

Mark Bentkower of CommVault

Conventional approaches to backup and recovery are failing, says Mark Bentkower of CommVault Systems.

Bryan Tan of Rally Software

Bryan Tan of Rally Software talks about how software development can be a profitable and controllable experience for all.

Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera

What is often overlooked is the tremendous opportunity for optical interconnection between smaller data centres across the metro area.


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