Optical networks

In future, SDN can be applied on optical equipment to yield a powerful way to optimise performance across entire networks.

Vinay Rathore and Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera

Service providers at the cusp of embracing superfast optical technology to link up their data centres and customers, says Infinera.

Andrew Goodwin of Datacom

Leaner budgets and the call for ongoing service improvements are driving governments to the cloud, says Andrew Goodwin of Datacom.

Lau Shih Hor of Elixir Tech

The time is ripe for the creation of data marketplaces that will help businesses connect the dots and extract maximum ROI from data, says Lau Shih Hor of Elixir Technology.

Nick Parfitt of DCD Intelligence

Nick Parfitt of DCD Intelligence discusses the factors to consider when planning to invest in modular data centres.

Data centre market disruption

Highly-disruptive competition, big cloud provider dominance, economic warfare and nationalism will force changes by end-2016.

Chris LaPoint of SolarWinds

With the right resources and the opportunity to consult, IT personnel can give effective advice on key IT business decisions that affect the larger organisation.

CK Lam of Brocade

The debate is now between being open-and-fully-interoperable versus ostensibly-open-but-proprietary.

Oliver Lindner

The modern DCIM tool will no longer be just a facility monitoring instrument but will also have to manage the resource requirements of new emerging services.


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