Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera

What is often overlooked is the tremendous opportunity for optical interconnection between smaller data centres across the metro area.

Market research by Nexmo highlights the rapidly-changing landscape of the legacy telecommunications industry.

Ulf Ewaldsson of Ericsson

Ulf Ewaldsson of Ericsson envisages a 5G world where network slices cater to different requirements, connecting industries whilst optimising the use of spectrum.


The Metro Ethernet Forum offers a way for service providers to create high quality and flexible network services that could change the Internet and cloud computing experience.


Fluke Networks introduces new cloud-based cable certification tool aimed at facilitating project management and reducing the manual costs associated with testing.

Sixty-second Insight

Brocade’s Director for Data Center Fabric and Virtualisation, Asia-Pacific, talks about how network functions virtualisation can help telcos and cloud service providers reduce time to revenue.

Matthieu Destot of ALE

Company also indicates that it will be investing in new technologies in the data centre and SDN space.

Gregg Berkeley of Intel

IoT applications will need to go beyond pure monitoring and into analytics and control if the Internet of Things is to truly fulfill its promise, says Gregg Berkeley of Intel.

Andrew Lerner of Gartner

Andrew Lerner of Gartner outlines an incremental, pragmatic and strategic roadmap to help organisations leverage software-defined networking.

Optical networks

In future, SDN can be applied on optical equipment to yield a powerful way to optimise performance across entire networks.


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