Lee Hsien Loong

Strategy brings in the international dimension and strengthens emphasis on CII protection, the creation of a safer cyberspace and capability building.

Jacqueline Poh of GovTech

“If the Singapore government were to be born as an Internet company, how would we design our services?” asks Jacqueline Poh of the new Government Technology Agency.

Jurgen Meershaege of DBS

Jurgen Meershaege shares the DBS experience in bringing together design thinking and data science to drive self-service analytics.

Venkat Krishan of Cognizant

Instead of the waiting game, organisations could work with the idea of a “plural IOT”, says Venkat Krishnan of Cognizant.

The NUS Institute of Data Science will coordinate interdisciplinary efforts and aims to create a critical mass of researchers focused on this area of research.

Cloud Security Alliance releases the baseline document for its upcoming CSA STAR Mobile certification and testing scheme.


Asset-light but on the thick side for an MVNO, Circles.Life believes that the ability to incorporate customer insights quickly into its services will enable it to succeed where others have failed.

There have been many attempts to understand, redefine or reframe the CIO’s role in this era of digital disruption. The latest BT CIO Report 2016 only serves to highlight the contradictions involved.

ACCA report on cybersecurity

An appeal to business self-interest and broad guidance aimed at ensuring outcomes will offer the required flexibility to tackle cybercrime, says ACCA report.

IOT standards

The adoption of ITU-T recommendations could help governments and industries take bigger strides towards developing international IoT standards in the near future.


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