Mayda Lim, Head of Implementation & Support, Technology Operations, Thomson Reuters

Mayda Lim of Thomson Reuters shares some insights into the workings of an Incident Control Centre and the roles and processes that are involved in managing a major service outage.

IoT Asia 2014 Conference and Exhibition

Singapore and Santander in the north of Spain are pushing aggressively for the vision of a Smart City. Find out more about their motivations, approaches and experiences.

Melissa Ries, Vice President and General Manager of Pivotal, Asia Pacific

The suite delivers an array of functionality combined with a subscription-based model that allows customers to leverage the technology they need without traditional licensing constraints.

Tan Ee Sze

The clarion call today seems to be to morph more IT professionals into data scientists in order to meet the worldwide shortfall of expertise in this area. Are we clambering up the wrong tree?

Greg Whelan, Director, Data Science, Asia Pacific and Japan, Pivotal

With the right skillsets, tools and platforms, data science can help businesses improve existing process performance by delving into data that was previously impossible to capture or analyse.

Reaping the economic benefits of green data centre efforts

The National Library Board shaved S$55,000 off its annual utilities bill through initiatives such as best practices for data centre design, server virtualisation, and improved monitoring.


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