McKinsey and PTC launch Industry 4.0 Digital Capability Centre


29 April 2017
3D printing is one of the technologies used at DCC.

How a mid-size gearbox company make use of sophisticated high-tech machines in operations ranging from spare parts fabrication, gearbox design and assembly to engineering services is one of the many scenarios simulated at a new Digital Capability Centre (DCC) in Singapore.


Launched by management consulting firm McKinsey & Company together with technology provider PTC, the DCC is a learning factory focused on Industry 4.0, which involves the automation and data exchange of manufacturing technologies such as the Internet of things (IoT). Visitors to the factory can learn about solutions that enable companies to drive digital transformation and how to deploy such solutions along the entire value chain ranging from initial customer inquiry to development, production, delivery, and service.


Participants at DCC workshops can also explore ways to tackle challenges they face in their own businesses using digital solutions and technologies such as real-time diagnostic tools and big data analytics, predictive maintenance, digital performance management, 3D printing, and robots. The insights gained from the simulations are designed to help the attendees learn how to use the latest digital technologies and increase productivity by applying them.


As the technology provider, PTC provides an IoT technology platform and expertise in developing the DCC’s integrated digital performance management and predictive maintenance showcase.


"Many companies are thinking about Industry 4.0, but need help with implementation. The DCC helps companies realise the real value of digitised production," said Oliver Tonby, Senior Partner of McKinsey & Company in Southeast Asia.