Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric

Reliability and energy efficiency need not be mutually exclusive in the UPS world, says Pankaj Sharma of Schneider Electric.

Stanimira Koleva of Software AG

Digital transformation has been one of the biggest trends across the globe in 2015 and Asia is set to be on the forefront of this digital wave in 2016. With 8.6 billion connected devices and a robust digital infrastructure, most countries in Asia are on their way to implementing digital initiatives that make the most of the opportunities arising from digital transformation.

Bernard Segarra of AT Internet

Bernard Segarra of AT Internet discusses the growing trend towards self-service analytics and the need to share data for "right-time" decisions.

Oliver Prevrhal of Retarus Asia

Decades-old mode of asynchronous interaction could become a one-stop solution for office management, says Oliver Prevrhal of Retarus Asia.

Pang Yee Beng of Dell

Pang Yee Beng of Dell Asia Pacific suggests five ways channel partners can deliver better value to their customers.

Tony Jarvis of Check Point

Vendors need to partner customers in formulating long-term security strategies, says Tony Jarvis of Check Point.

Venkat Krishan of Cognizant

Instead of the waiting game, organisations could work with the idea of a “plural IOT”, says Venkat Krishnan of Cognizant.

Sean Duca of Palo Alto Networks

Network segmentation is an effective method to reduce risk and minimise the scope of attack, says Sean Duca of Palo Alto Networks.

Richard Soley of Industrial Internet Consortium

To propel the Industrial Internet of Things forward, more work needs to be done on interoperability requirements, says Richard Soley of the Industrial Internet Consortium.

Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks

Collaboration between the network and endpoint is crucial for security, says Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks.


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