Wong Heng Chew of Fujitsu Singapore

As businesses become more and more digitalised, the need for organisations to be equipped with the right IT infrastructure and solutions is greater now more than ever, says Wong Heng Chew of Fujitsu Singapore.

Marty Young of F5 Networks

When it comes to managing applications today, the span of control is shifting, says Marty Young of F5 Networks.

Heather Levy of Gartner

Build your cloud strategy by planning and assembling ingredients as you would for a fine meal, says Heather Levy of Gartner.

FireEye report says entertainment, media and hospitality industries are most targeted; government is next.

Anand Sanghi of Emerson Network Power

Anand Sanghi of Emerson Network Power discusses these and other data centre trends for 2016.

Jan Zuubier of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Jan Zuurbier of Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise discusses software-defined networks, intelligent networks and network analytics in his predictions for 2016.

Ronald Schepers of Schneider Electric

It is essential for both public and private organisations to embrace energy efficient, “green” data centres, says Ronald Schepers.

Internet of Identities

Objects in the IoT world will have to be assigned identities and access rights if we are to make progress in the security conversation.

Bob Butler of IO

Where your data resides and who controls your data matters when it comes to making fully-informed business decision, says Bob Butler of IO.

Tan Lee Chew of HP

It is critical that your infrastructure correctly matches the in-memory data management software you select, says Tan Lee Chew of Hewlett-Packard.


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