Mark Bentkower of CommVault

Conventional approaches to backup and recovery are failing, says Mark Bentkower of CommVault Systems.

Bryan Tan of Rally Software

Bryan Tan of Rally Software talks about how software development can be a profitable and controllable experience for all.

Andrew Bond-Webster of Infinera

What is often overlooked is the tremendous opportunity for optical interconnection between smaller data centres across the metro area.

Pavel Ershov of Parallels

Move over, hypervisors. Containers will shake things up as the next wave of web-scale technology, says Pavel Ershov of Parallels Asia Pacific.

Behavioural profiling

Behavioural profiling will be a major objective in 2015, but organisations will have to figure out how to do it transparently and still keep their customers’ trust, says IDC.

Jeffrey Davis of IO

Modular data centres are the way to go for organisations that require high performance computing capabilities in a hurry, says Jeffrey Davis of IO.

Sumit Bansal of Sophos

In this era of mobility and BYOD, organisations should tap on cloud-based security to achieve balance between productivity, cost-effectiveness and security.

Shaun Han of Oracle

Cloud applications have the power to improve business performance and reduce costs, but only if they are able to work across the business, says Shaun Han of Oracle.

Eileen Yu

Instead of building a buffet table of data, think about whether you're biting off more data than you can chew, says Eileen Yu.

Wana Tun of Sophos

Companies today face challenges securing their networks against both sophisticated malware and external threat actors. They also face internal struggles with IT misconfiguration and lack of security education among employees. This article looks at the common network threats faced by many organisations today:


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