Pivotal announces in-memory upgrade for its big data suite


26 September 2014

Pivotal has announced new in-memory capabilities with the latest release of Pivotal GemFire 8, which is a key component of the company’s Big Data Suite. According to Pivotal, the distributed in-memory data management solution is targeted at enterprises that require high performance, low latency, as well as extreme scale-out concurrency and consistency to facilitate data management and access across globally-distributed clusters and nodes.

The new Big Data Suite with GemFire 8 allows applications to operate with greater scale and resilience, said Pivotal. Features include:

  • In-memory    compression:    Speed-optimised    in-memory    compression,    allowing individual nodes to manage up to 50 per cent more data per node.
  • Resilient automation and rolling upgrades: Automatic node reconnection and data restoration, and a new ability to serially update software on nodes in a cluster that remains live, eliminating a need for planned downtime for upgrades.
  • A new restful application programming interface: Developers can enhance the performance and resilience of a wider range of high-scale applications such as those developed in Ruby, Scala, or Node.js computer languages.

According to John Myers, managing research director of Enterprise Management Associates, the emergence of in-memory technologies among data management platforms, along with pervasive MPP (massively parallel processing) technology, are beginning to erode the boundary between operational systems and enterprise data warehouses, and moving these systems toward a more real-time approach.  “In-memory databases have served real-time applications in finance and defence markets. Now, in-memory solutions are moving into becoming a real-time execution layer for traditional enterprises, as these companies look to innovate with big data,” he said.

The  Pivotal Big Data Suite is a subscription-based software, support, and maintenance bundle  that also includes Pivotal  Greenplum Database,   Pivotal  SQLFire, Pivotal   GemFire   XD,   Pivotal   HAWQ,   and    Pivotal   HD. The latest enhancements are available to current customers with active maintenance agreements. Subscription to the Pivotal Big Data Suite is based on the number of cores on two and three year terms and requires a cumulative contract minimum.