Cloud transformation

Cloud-driven IT transformation has the potential to deliver huge rewards, but success hinges on meticulous planning and a sound reference architecture, says Ronald Raffensperger of Huawei.

Serguei Beloussov of Acronis

The joint collaboration is aimed at protecting companies from future security threats related to advances in decryption techniques and the arrival of quantum computing.

New networking portfolio to address growing complexities in campus networking and skyrocketing bandwidth demands in the data centre.

The FOVI model, developed through Fujitsu’s field trials and knowhow gained in its own production facilities, is intended to support the widespread use of IoT in production facilities.

The company said it is addressing the segment of web tech, hosting companies, telecommunications service providers, oil and gas, and research organisations differently from others in the IT industry.

Simon Piff of IDC

Data centres need to deliver the goods in this age of speed and instant gratification. What’s stopping them?

The Agent Performance Insights report generates individual performance benchmark and provides fact-based recommendation on how agents can become more effective.

Events that pose the greatest harm can be found and prioritised with greater accuracy, says Gartner.

Mak Chin Wah of Dell

Hybrid flash arrays allow enterprises to take advantage of flash performance while making the most of their IT budget, says Mak Chin Wah of Dell.

The facility is aimed at providing an enablement infrastructure and framework for Internet of Things (IoT) node designs.


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