The release of GemFire 8 is positioned as a significant advance in Pivotal’s ability to process high-velocity data at scale.

Lilac Schoenbeck of iLand

The iland Cloud app gives customers full access to the features and functionalities of its enhanced Enterprise Cloud Service portal.

Praveen Thakur

Businesses should prioritise into bite sizes the problems that can be solved using data, says Praveen Thakur of Oracle.

Oliver Lindner

The modern DCIM tool will no longer be just a facility monitoring instrument but will also have to manage the resource requirements of new emerging services.

Data centre

Check Point augments its data centre network security portfolio with the launch of two new security gateways.

Organisations are overwhelmed by the increasing security complexities in detecting and resolving mobile threats with BYOD.

Keith Murray of Schneider Electric

New Asset Connect portfolio offers operations and management of the physical assets of critical environments.

Ian Whiting of Fusion-io

Flash memory company Fusion-io downplays storage performance and talks up application acceleration.


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