Report of the Committee on the Future Economy


13 February 2017

Seven strategies:

1. Deepen and diversify our international connections
2. Acquire and utilise deep skills
3. Strengthen enterprise capabilities to innovate and scale up
4. Build strong digital capabilities
5. Develop a vibrant and connected city of opportunity
6. Develop and implement Industry Transformation Maps
7. Partner each other to enable innovation and growth

Nothing new. 


Prof Gordon Bell on "exascale nirvana" and other supercomputing trends

Gordon Bell of supercomputing's Gordon Bell Prize talks to ConvergenceAsia about the "scaling up" and "scaling out" of HPC and its new applications in analytics and data science. Bell was in Singapore recently for Supercomputing Frontiers 2017, where he delivered a keynote on "Three Decades: Motivating and Measuring HPC Progress". 

  • Video by Chan Wai Peng