Schneider Electric launches new digital services suite


21 July 2014
Keith Murray of Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of Asset Connect - a suite of digital services for critical environments including data centres. Enabled through its recently-launched services bureau in Bangalore, Asset Connect brings together technical expertise, data science and technology to offer a 24x7 service that will help monitor, diagnose, analyse, predict and resolve critical situations before they occur.

With Singapore's plans to become a smart nation, the country is expected to see a surge in the adoption of big data and the Internet of Things. For big data to be of use, however, it needs to be processed and analysed, and all that “crunching” of data is going to take place in data centres. This fact has increased the complexity of data centre operations and created the need for more sophisticated and automated approaches to manage the critical IT infrastructure.

“Critical environments, including data centres, are becoming increasingly complex to manage and operate, as the business risks associated with failure of such critical infrastructure equipment is too significant to disregard. Gaining control of the infrastructure environment leads to an optimised data centre that improves system availability and energy efficiency. Schneider Electric is best-positioned to respond to this challenge given our strong experience in Critical Environments, our heritage in using the latest technology to achieve optimal performance and our continued investment, organically and inorganically, as we evolve to a more service-oriented company”, said Keith Murray, IT Business Vice President, Singapore and Brunei.

According to Schneider, the Asset Connect services maximise the full potential of Critical Infrastructure in four easy steps:

• ASSET Monitor provides intelligent, real-time, remote monitoring and condition management solution

• ASSET Predict uses data science to predict failures, recommend corrective actions and manage the resolution of incidents to closure

• ASSET Commit enables data centres to benchmark and baseline their  current environment, use data science to make recommendations, and implement a continuous improvement process (CIP) to ensure optimal performance of the asset through its lifecycle

• ASSET Operate provides 24x7 onsite operation of the critical environment.

Organisations that will benefit from such services are those that face challenges such as high operational and maintenance costs including energy costs and the shortage of skilled technical personnel.

Elaborating on the service bureau’s capabilities, Murray said it has been set up to provide actionable intelligence to help customers with critical environments increase their operational efficiency, maximise system availability, and achieve a 10 per cent to 30 per cent potential efficiency gain resulting from an optimised data centre.