Eduardo Cabrera of Trend Micro

To gain the upper hand in cybersecurity, organisations will need to turn the predator-prey relationship on its head and build cybersecurity programmes that actively look for attacks.

Bruce Schneier

Security technologist Bruce Schneier discusses the implications of availability and integrity attacks as more things get connected to the world-sized web.

Security and risk leaders need to fully engage with latest tech trends to define, achieve and maintain effective security and risk management programmes, says Gartner.


Security is often viewed as a road bump in a cloud services world characterised by speed, scalability and flexibility. Will DecSecOps help smoothen the way forward?

Starhub Cyber Security COE

Its new Cyber Security Centre of Excellence will focus on talent development, innovation and industry partnerships.


Acronis announces R&D initiative to deliver tamper-proof data storage using blockchain for data authenticity, privacy and control.

The newly-operational facility is said to be the first commercial data centre in Southeast Asia to complete the performance-based infrastructure evaluation.

MTCS and healthcare

Mapping of the Multi-Tier Cloud Security Singapore Standard (SS584) to healthcare systems and applications provides greater clarity on how cloud computing can be used in the sector.

Foo Siang Tse of Quan

Quann, the cybersecurity services provider formerly known as e-Cop, is expanding into the OT security space as it looks to quadruple its business over the next four years.


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