According to NEC, the new biometric personal identification technology enables rapid recognition with over 99 per cent accuracy.

ACCA report on cybersecurity

An appeal to business self-interest and broad guidance aimed at ensuring outcomes will offer the required flexibility to tackle cybercrime, says ACCA report.

Sumit Bansal of sophos

Automation is perhaps one of the most important and pragmatic benefits afforded by synchronised security, says Sumit Bansal of Sophos.


The guidelines are aimed at helping cloud service providers to prepare for and mitigate the threat of cloud outages.

Tony Chew of Citibank

Tony Chew of Citibank gives his verdict on the current state of banking apps in Asia and predicts that biometrics, especially face and voice recognition, will be the way forward.

The Cyber Security Factory will collaborate with NEC SOCs to share cyber-intelligence and deliver 24/7 security to customers.

Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks

Collaboration between the network and endpoint is crucial for security, says Francis Teo of Hillstone Networks.

Marty Young of F5 Networks

When it comes to managing applications today, the span of control is shifting, says Marty Young of F5 Networks.

FireEye report says entertainment, media and hospitality industries are most targeted; government is next.

Death by Internet

Over-reliance on the Internet leaves us vulnerable to a digital Armageddon. Maybe we should just replace it, says Herbert Canfield.


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