Pan Jian Wen of CAS and Dr Jian Wang of Alibaba at the launch of the quantum cryptography cloud security solution

Quantum cryptography is said to be immune to eavesdropping, code breaking and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Serguei Beloussov of Acronis

The joint collaboration is aimed at protecting companies from future security threats related to advances in decryption techniques and the arrival of quantum computing.

Internet of Identities

Objects in the IoT world will have to be assigned identities and access rights if we are to make progress in the security conversation.

Information security governance

Increasing awareness of digital business risks and cybersecurity incidents are making IT risk a board-level issue.

Companies to launch unique incident response, compromise assessment and advanced threat management services.


With healthy take-up of the Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security standard amongst IaaS providers, the next step is to get SaaS independent software vendors on board.

Donny Chong of Nexusguard

Attacks could disguise more serious crimes such as theft of customer data or cyber heists, says Nexusguard white paper.

Events that pose the greatest harm can be found and prioritised with greater accuracy, says Gartner.

A resilient cyber security strategy must be holistic and address different stages of an attack, including prevention, response and mitigation.


The company’s technology seeks to apply human intelligence to cyber defence using advanced machine learning and mathematics.


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